About us


Logis offers computer aided dispatch (CAD) solutions to the EMS market (Emergency Medical Services), including Non-Emergency Transfers and Homecare Services.

Our solutions provide best in class support for an innovative and coherent workflow, adding significant value to the stakeholders. Our clients are major public and private EMS providers in Europe, North America and Oceania, served from Logis’ headquarter in Copenhagen and from our subsidiaries in Seattle, Vancouver, Prague and Sydney.

Logis headquarters

Our values

Our mission is to deliver state of the art CAD solutions for the EMS/Fire market.

Through transparent and intuitive solutions that efficiently share data across the emergency workspace, we focus on adding true value to Emergency Services and its stakeholders.

Using the latest stable technologies, we focus on enhancing the overall user experience to allow for quicker response with the best possible resources.

helicopter ambulance

Open positions


We are looking for new employees, so feel free to submit an application.



Logis employs the best and most devoted candidates with in-depth knowledge and experience within three competence areas: Information Technology, Operations Research and Emergency Medical Services.

Our global team includes more than 10 nationalities working closely together in a creative and visionary environment, where the best argument always wins. Everybody in the team is highly committed to delivering the best solutions and services to our clients.

Based on our team’s strong and disciplined focus on the robustness of our products and on our well-structured implementation process, our clients are able to achieve the many business benefits and competitive advantages from day one.